The Kenyan Issue

We did celebrate our constitution yesterday. It was 200 years old. It is the second oldest constitution still working. Our constitution has during 200 years gone through a democratization and modernization. For instant in 1884 parlamentarism took over. The government basis was now the people, not the king. The Kenyan constitution is only four years; this constitution has lots of promises and hopes. But you have to be patient, pole, pole, Kenya. In my opinion you are moving in the wrong direction. My claim is that it’s at least three main obstacles: 1. The politician’s greed: Corruption 2. Tribalism 3. The lack of free speech.

1. The Kenyan politicians have no respect for they who did elect them. They use their (the taxpayers) money as they owned them themselves. The corruption is huge. But the politicians should be he elector’s humble servants. They don’t deserve the title “honourable”. In my country we don’t use titles like this.

2. Tribalism is the worst enemy of democracy. All the Kenyan parties are knit to persons, not ideology. The persons are knit to tribes. Raila is a luo, Musyoka is a kamba, Ruto is a kalenjin?.. The elections are about tribes, not politics.

3. In the constitution the freedom of speech and writing is stated. Today it is controlled, and the president uses his power to stop what he doesn’t want to read or hear. Why was the film “Wolves in Wall Street” banned? Why were the bosses of the Standard group called to the Statehouse? Now rumours are flourishing on facebook and twitter. What is really happening in Kenya? Open the doors and tell the truth – that is the real medicine, and don’t use the threat of terror as an excuse of not telling the truth.

Thank you Lord for Twitter and Faceboook

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